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Full Sail Programming Classes

These are some of the courses I took at Full Sail, mainly the programming ones. Here I will give a description of each class and have links to labs or projects we had to do for those courses. If you want to read my overall summary of my Full Sail education, click here.

Side Note

Not all classes have projects and or code examples up yet. I am in the process of reorganizing some of the data, and possibly going to provide some source code examples, on web pages with some syntax highlighting. Also most projects use the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002 or .NET 2003 compiler/IDE. The Machine Architecture class we used the Cygwin environment.
The earlier classes like C++ Programming and Data Structures, or any class where a group project was not required will post source code and if needed an associated exe file. The major project classes will have only an exe and code that I my self wrote. I may removed all source code all together and only post code in the other sections. If so I will supply source code upon request and that I deem it alright to show code.


If you are a Full Sail student and browse the source code section YOU MAY NOT use the posted code to complete a lab assignment. The code is posted for demonstration to prospective employers not to help you cheat through a class.

Programming Classes

The classes are listed in order the classes were taken.